Invitation to submit to Eurasian Journal of Digital Earth (EJDE)

Digital Earth is an innovative geospatial paradigm based on universal, scale-independent and projection-independent virtual geocentric representation of our Planet. Concept of Digital Earth was proclaimed in the end of 1990s by former vice-president of USA Al Gore and was implemented in the first decade of XXI century in well-known and extremely popular throughout the World online spatial service – Google Earth. Unique integrating ability of Google Earth makes possible implementation of new concepts of geospatial visualization as well as new modes of supporting decision-making; unprecedented level of Situation Awareness turns into reality. Digital Earth is mandatory for the Sustainable Development worldwide. Breathtaking dynamic view of Earth without any limitations became significant part of modern geographical education. We live in the era of geospatial revolution, and Digital Earth is a most innovative and most promising geographical concept with huge impact on near all aspects of our civilization.

Scale-independent and projection-independent geocentric framework is a core idea of Digital Earth. This framework could integrate vast and potentially infinite volumes of spatially located heterogeneous datasets regardless of scale. Virtual model of Earth immersed behind the computer screen and could be manipulated interactively; any possible scale and any possible direction of sight could be modelled. This new approach for handling geospatial data is a significant scientific challenge, whereas mathematical, semiotic and geographical aspects of Digital Earth is very innovative. Digital Earth is a widely discussed scientific paradigm. This paradigm, as well as technological issues and social impacts of new concept, are the main topics of Eurasian Journal of Digital Earth (EJDE).

Eurasian Journal of Digital Earth is a peer-reviewed academic journal, established for the discussions on Digital Earth as a new cartography trend and scientific paradigm. EJDE is a interdisciplinary journal that covers all possible geospatial-related issues regardless of scientific discipline and methods.

Eurasian Journal of Digital Earth covers all aspects of Digital Earth paradigm, but focuses especially on Eurasian projects, like Silk Road, Silk Belt and others research initiatives aimed to promote Sustainable Development. Education and outreach will be among our priorities too.

We strongly believe that Eurasian Journal of Digital Earth helps to harmonize research and development activities on the Digital Earth paradigm and to project the concept into reality.

Editorial board invites authors to submit to Eurasian Journal of Digital Earth (EJDE).